Questions to the Vet

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Site Updates

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So I asked my vet today what the difference between Pet Armor and FrontLine was. He told me that the difference is not the active ingredient (which is what kills the fleas and ticks), but in the carrier agent.

With Pet Armor, the carrier ingredient only spreads to cover about six inches out from the point of contact.  Which means that while your pet absolutely will not have any fleas in the area around their shoulder blades, everywhere else is fair game for the fleas to live in and munch on.

With FrontLine, even though you apply it between the shoulder blades, it will spread to cover the entire dog from nose to tail and top to bottom.

I used some ‘off brands’ before Frontline, and we got invaded with fleas.  They were so bad that you could feel them jumping around in bed with you at night.  I finally told my fiance enough is enough.  I can’t even sleep anymore.   I went out purchased Frontline put it on the dog, and with in 2 days no more fleas at all.  None in the bed, on the dog, or me!

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