Can Squash be Grown on a Trellis?

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Available on Etsy Now

So I’ve decided that I want to grow squash in my garden this year. Problem is that I do not have enough room to grow the squash. Since my garden is only 10′ x 10′ squash would wind up taking over the garden. I’ve decided to see if I can get it to grow on a trellis situation to save space.


  • Not enough room in the garden
  • Has to be low maintenance
  • Cannot take up anymore space than what I’ve been allotted
  • Need to be able to quickly and easily mow the grass


  • I am going to trellis my squash.

I plan on getting a couple of posts and some wire fencing where the holes in the fence measure 1 x 2 inches. I want to situate the posts and fencing at a 45 degree angle about 4 – 6 inches away from the inner wall on the garden so that it’s still planted in the garden, but not growing along the ground. If I get my angle right on the fence, I should be able to allow the squash to grow up the fence and not have to tie on the plants nor their fruit when the plants start producing.

Check back for the Project List once I’ve gotten it complied.


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