Handmade Strawberry Art Glass Pendant

Posted: May 27, 2012 in Art / Hobby
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Handmade Lampwork Strawberry Pendant by FullGamutWorkshop on Etsy.

Purchase a piece of unique collectible handmade glass art you can wear for years to come.  Glass pendant comes with a lifetime guarantee, ready to wear with a twisted cotton cord necklace your color choice of:  white, tan, dark brown, or black.  (If a color is not chosen, one will be picked to match the pendant).
This realistic strawberry pendant is made of recycled glass and is so detailed, the artist even included the appearance of a bruise on the tip of the pendant.

If you like to make your own art, here are some of my ideas on how you can include this in your own work:

  • wedding cake decoration
  • hair component
  • necklace centerpiece
  • accent in a flower arrangement
  • part of a key chain
  • include in a collage
  • use as part of your strawberry shortcake Halloween costume

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