Orignial Artwork Prints Ready to Purchase

Posted: July 25, 2012 in Art / Hobby
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I have decided after much debate, to create a portfolio at deviantart.com where my original artwork is reproduced and available to be purchased.  Through deviantart.com you can purchase reprints as posters or fine canvas or even have them put on coffee mugs or made into a mouse pad.   The neat thing is that this option allows me to be able to ship outside the US!

I mostly do fantasy and nature work, but I am willing to take requests.  Why make a request?  Maybe you have this picture stuck in your head that you want to see come to life.  Perhaps you need a unique gift for someone and mass commercialism has not made it available yet.  (For example, I have a cousin who collects hippopotami or hippopotomus-es (not sure which is correct) and it is EXTREMELY hard to find him gifts.  Honestly though you should make requests because it allows me, as an artist to step beyond creative blocks because my work has a goal and a purpose.  truly to me, requests and personal comments are the stairway and building blocks for me to make something great and valuable!

You are welcome to post comments or critiques of my artwork–in fact, I highly encourage the feedback.  I  appreciate the time people spend evaluating my work.  If helps me as an artist improve what I do to bring better quality to my work.  I also try to comment and reply to each individual comment posted so you as my audience know that I am really serious about my gratitude!

Please Note:  All of my work, artwork or otherwise IS copyrighted.  If you would like to use my work partially or in whole, please contact me. 

Thanks in advance all of you wonderful people who support ‘starving artists’ and THANK YOU for stopping by to visit me today.


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