Temple Guardian – Watercolor and Ink – DeltaHellm

Posted: July 25, 2012 in Art / Hobby

(c) 2012 DeltaHellm

As an adventurer you heard a rumor of vast treasure and riches buried deep within a lost temple.  After much searching and a painstaking journey into the Antarctic you have finally found what you have been searching for.  The Lost Temple of D’Kardis. Through your previous research, you know the temple is riddled with secret passageways, deadly traps, and ancient magical wards of protection.  As you approach the temple looking for a way in,  you find a massive brightly colored alcove carved into the solid rock wall.  The most notable feature is a large solid gold gargoyle in the center of the wall.

After some careful inspection you notice that the gargoyle’s tongue is actually hinged. You grab the tongue and knock. The wall liquefies swirling into blocks of color and the golden statue begins to speak in a loud echoing voice,

“Every dawn begins with me

At dusk I’ll be the first you see

And daybreak couldn’t come without

What midday centers all about

Daisies grow from me, I am told

And when I come, I end all cold

But in the sun I won’t be found

Yet still, each day I’ll be around.”

As the statue speaks the words aloud, the words become engraved in the wall below where it hangs.  This is your first test to be able to enter the temple.  What is the answer?

The answer to this riddle will also be the subject of my next art piece.  If you would like to know the answer before I post the next art piece please e-mail me.  Otherwise I will not post the answer until the next stage of the adventure is ready.

Enjoy! –D. Hellm


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