Portrait – Scottish Terrier – Darby Mac Dougal

Posted: August 4, 2012 in Available on Etsy Now
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(C) D. Hellm 2012


He was tenacious.

He was dedicated.

He was loved.





This is a portrait of my mother’s first Scottish Terrier.  We had to put him to sleep (a while back) because of cancer, but let me share with you a little bit about him.

This dog really had some tenacious tendencies.  For example, you could take a scrap of a tennis ball, about he size of a dime and throw it in the yard.  This dog would start in one corner of the yard and zig-zag back and forth with his nose to the ground until he found his “ball” for you to throw again (he also would hide a ball in each neighbor’s yard so he would always have a toy).

We had to start making him stop playing because we actually had him pass out on us while playing when it got too hot one summer.

Also, one night my mom let him out for his last potty break and he unfortunately got backed over by the neighbor.  This dog drug himself home, bleeding and with a broken back leg.  My mom found him by the back door broken and barely alive.


After emergency surgery, he lived another 10 years (he always walked with a limp after that) before we were forced to put him to sleep because of his cancer.


This dog would do anything I asked him and he was truly loved and will always be missed.


I also included a photograph of a Scottish Terrier for comparison.  Let me know what you think.English: Picture of a Scottish Terrier taken b...

  1. Teepee12 says:

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    A wonderful portrait in both words and drawing. Once you love a Scottie, you will always love them.

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