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Carrots of many colors.

Last Year’s Recap

Ok, if you read my post last year on my garden I hope you were excited as I was.  As a recap, here’s what my 2012 gardening experiment helped me discover last year:

  1. I actually planted quite a few cherry tomatoes, they grew fast and I got a nice treat as I walked through the garden picking ripe tomatoes off as I worked around the garden.  I also discovered, when I hoed the garden for weeds, that if I pulled the dirt up around the plant and buried the stem a bit with dirt the plant would start growing roots higher up and make the plant more stable before and after staking it.
  2. I wound up not planting potatoes like planned, but I tried 2 varieties of squash, which got too much heat and not enough water when we went on vacation last year.
  3. It was too hot for onions last year, but I did plant 3 different kinds:  red, white, and yellow.
  4. I also planted:  beets, carrots, and corn.   The beets and carrots turned out pretty good, I didn’t have enough carrots at any one time, so I would add them to spaghetti sauce as I got enough veggies.

All in all, I consider my experiment a success.  I was able to donate about 3 dozen tomato seedlings to a local church.  I also made about 8 quarts of homemade spaghetti sauce, and I got a nice tan working in the garden.


  • For my 2013 Gardening Experiment I am still working under the same conditions as last year.
  • Limited space (only 100 square feet.)  I can’t plant more than I can take care of (including preservation), and no waste.

This year, I made up the following list of things others grow:

  •  tomatoes – in the house
  • cucumbers – on a trellis in the garden
  • sweet peppers – in the garden
  • pole beans – on a trellis in the garden
  • carrots – going to broad-cast them out in the garden
  • summer squash – in the garden
  • onions – in the garden – already planted – left over from last year.
  • hot peppers in the garden – fewer this year
  • lettuce – broad-casted in the garden
  • peas – trellis in the garden
  • sweet corn – in the garden
  • radishes – in the garden
  • potatoes – in the garden
  • salad greens – in the garden
  • pumpkins – trellis in garden
  • watermelons – trellis in the garden
  • spinach – in garden
  • broccoli – in garden
  • melons – trellis in garden
  • cabbage – in garden
  • beets – broad-cast in garden
  • winter squash – in garden
  • asparagus – raised bed in garden
  • collards – in garden
  • celery – in garden
  • Brussels sprouts – in garden
  • leeks – in garden
  • kale – in garden
  • parsnips – in garden
  • Chinese cabbage – in garden
  • rutabagas – in garden


In the previous list I highlighted (in blue), the plants I am going to get into the garden this year.  Since I have told myself that I am going to try and only add 2 new plants every year to the garden I am going to attempt the same list  as last year, because while I was content with what I accomplished last year, it was really too hot and about halfway through the season the garden dried up while I was on vacation.

I have high hopes this year for growing things, as we have already had several rain showers so far this year.

Check back for part 2 on the garden.

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So, as an update to my last post on my diorama project New Project – Diorama – Conception.


I had the entire diorama fleshed out and ready to coat in layers of sticky gooey paste and was proceeding to do so, but then changed my mind.   The volcano didn’t look quite right, and my rolling hills just didn’t roll.  I also thought how much cooler would this look with some fake stage fire and some lighting effects.  Deciding that I would now have to figure out the electrical problems involved, knowing that I would need minimum a focal light or three, at least two computer fans, and maybe some LED Christmas lights it was going to create a challenge.  Currently I am still puzzling over exactly what I will need to do.

I tried some battery operated Christmas lights I found in the attic, but they are actually too tall for where I want to put them.

[picture of lights]

In the meantime i figured well, I have a couple of working computer fans.  I’ll get the big dragon assembled with the fan.

[picture of dragon]

Unfortunately, once the dragon was all assembled and the fan in place, there wasn’t enough air flow that I needed to produce the stage fire effect I was looking for.   I also discovered after about 4 hours of research on YouTube that I constructed this dragon a little backwards.

So now, I’m back to the drawing board, and I’ll have to redesign the big fire-breathing dragon to better accommodate air flow, and a slightly modified skeletal structure so I can do some better sculpting with the paper mache.