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Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

And now for part two…the recap:

If you read my earlier post part 1,  here is what I actually got planted in the garden so far:

  • sweet peppers  (5)- in the garden
  • tomatoes (4) – in the garden, and in a cooler
  • carrots (whole packet 2’x3′ area) – going to broad-cast them out in the garden
  • onions (about 12, letting them bloom for seed) – in the garden – already planted – left over from last year.
  • hot peppers in the garden (5) – fewer this year
  • sweet corn (about 20 planted, will be thinned) – in the garden
  • leeks (why not? 2’x3′ space)  – in garden
  • okra (2’x8′ double row) – in the garden
  • chives (broadcast, 2’x3′ row under tomatoes – in the garden
  • turnips (2 spots.  2’x3′) – in the garden
  • cilantro (about 6 plants) – flower pots
  • chocolate mint (about 4 plants) – flower pots


  • Typical Missouri weather

If you have been watching the weather in the mid-west lately, we have been having our normal May weather:  kind of cool, warm spells, thunderstorms and tornadoes!

If it wasn’t for the weather not cooperating, my honey decided to clean up the front flower beds and dumped everything in my garden!  It took me a whole day to rake out rose clippings, rocks, and about 25 lbs. of wild onions (dirt attached).  So I got the garden in much later than I really wanted to this year.  I figure I’m kind of lucky I was prevented in getting the garden in a little late because now everything that is sprouting is only about an inch tall and isn’t going to get knocked over by strong wind.


  • Good drainage
  • Add row covers

Lucky for me I spent a lot of time 2 years ago beefing up the drainage in the garden.  It wasn’t really bad drainage, but it could have been better.   I think to help protect the young plants and maybe keep off some of the wet, I am going to fashion some row covers or maybe a “hot-hat.”  I think I will probably make the “hot-hat” because really I just need to cover the 3″ tall tomatoes and I don’t have a lot of money to stick into the garden right now.   So I will make some recycling old milk jugs.

English: Fresh Cilantro (Coriander) Deutsch: V...I’m still excited because the okra in the garden is about 1/2″ tall and the onions are getting ready to bloom.  I also spotted the tips of the corn starting to come up. 

I’ve already harvested some of the cilantro, it decided to bolt on me.  So I thought I would make a nice cilantro pesto (it turned out okay, needed more time to marinate).  I also trimmed it back into shape and maybe it won’t bolt again too soon.

The mint I think I am going to try making a hot tea out of it and see how it turns out.  If it turns out okay, I’ll go through the process of preserving some of it for this winter.  Might be a nice addition to some hot chocolate.

I just looked in on my early tomatoes in the cooler.  Yes.  I have them nicely staked and growing in one of those cheap white Styrofoam coolers.  I decided that I wanted tomatoes much longer this year so I planted them to be portable.  Well, these guys are doing terrific!  I have about four little smaller-than-a-dime green tomatoes starting and plenty of little yellow flowers besides.  I put them up by the roses because earlier this year there were a TON of honeybees hunting pollen in the roses.  So I figured that maybe they would help out the tomatoes too.

Check back for the next installment – part 3 – of my Garden Experiment

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This was my first attempt on making an eyeglass holder.  I just got it finished and I thought I would share the results.

The total length of this piece is 40 inches from end to end.  I hand assembled all of the components you see from the elastic findings to secure the eyeglasses to my custom hand painted recycled beads.

I could have ordered the findings , but I didn’t really want to invest in 100 of them.  I don’t have a lot of people banging down my door looking for custom eyeglass holders (although if I get enough interest, I might just invest).

If I do, I was thinking of using these:

What do you think?

I recycled the beads from an old purse I found at Good Will.  It was like this grass woven purse covered in about 100 oval wood beads in row different sizes.  Given a bit of a facelift with some magenta, blue, and white paint and several clear coats I think they turned out very nice.

I think I am going to figure out how to cap the ends in silver for the next set of beads I make.

If you are interested in ordering a custom design for yourself or someone you know, please send an email to

Over all I am happy at how this design turned out and I hope you enjoy what I created..

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