Ocean Movement Eyeglass Holder

Posted: May 30, 2013 in Art / Hobby, Work Sold
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This was my first attempt on making an eyeglass holder.  I just got it finished and I thought I would share the results.

The total length of this piece is 40 inches from end to end.  I hand assembled all of the components you see from the elastic findings to secure the eyeglasses to my custom hand painted recycled beads.

I could have ordered the findings , but I didn’t really want to invest in 100 of them.  I don’t have a lot of people banging down my door looking for custom eyeglass holders (although if I get enough interest, I might just invest).

If I do, I was thinking of using these:

What do you think?

I recycled the beads from an old purse I found at Good Will.  It was like this grass woven purse covered in about 100 oval wood beads in row different sizes.  Given a bit of a facelift with some magenta, blue, and white paint and several clear coats I think they turned out very nice.

I think I am going to figure out how to cap the ends in silver for the next set of beads I make.

If you are interested in ordering a custom design for yourself or someone you know, please send an email to fiberfusion42@hotmail.com

Over all I am happy at how this design turned out and I hope you enjoy what I created..

As always please comment, like, and share!


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