Because everyone needs FAQ pages.

Navigation Links:  Are located along the left-hand side of the blog and along the top of the page.

Sister Sites:  These are links to various other sites that I maintain.

    • Art Portfolio:  This link is an on-line portfolio to artwork I have created and which is available for print production through that site.  All pricing is determined by the site as well as all shipping options.  These reprints of my artwork have several options through the site store.  Shipping is available outside the US.
    • The Stationary Observer:  This is another blog I maintain mostly to store written works and poetry I have enjoyed, or have written myself.  I try to give credit if it is due.  Please contact me if anything on that site is your copyrighted work and I will give you proper credit

Useful Links:  This is a collection of links to places I find useful almost on a daily basis.

    • Fetch Fido:  A website dedicated to small flash games and other media available for free.  Allows users to upload their own creations with permission of the site owner.  I have used this site for over 10 years and never picked up a virus as of to date.  This would be a good place to go if you have kids (who are inviting viruses into the computer) or if you just need a place to have a quick diversion.
    • Google Ad Words:  A good free tool to use if you are into SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or are trying to find out what people are looking for and the various market trends in search history.  This tool will allow you to see global trends in an easy to understand layout, and typically will provide data back to 2004 depending on data availability.
    • iFreelance:  A website where artists and specialists can post their profile in order to find freelance job opportunities.  Businesses are also able to set up various jobs to get work fulfilled by professionals.  This site is kind of set up like eBay in that professionals “bid” on jobs available and the business (or person) who posted the bid, gets to award the bid to whom ever they think fits their needs.
    • Snopes:  This is a site devoted to researching myths, rumors, and other questionable information.  They take a scientific approach to their research, and provide their findings based on their research.

Across the Top:  Links to pages with information that does not change often, and help with navigation through the blog.

    • FAQ:  Links to various FAQ pages such as:  Birthstone Information, Custom Ordering, Gemstone Lore, and Measurement FAQ.
    • Projects:  Links to projects I have done, and that provide instructions to replicate them yourself.   Projects are free to be disbursed and I claim no copyright on the instructions or use.  I do provide printed instructions that are available for purchase, which include full color photographs / illustrations, step-by-step instructions, and access to materials for those instructions.  The printed instructions are subject to copyright as I designed the layout and took all of the photographs.  As printed instruction sets become available I will post links to where they can be purchased.
    • Shipping Quote:  A simple form to request custom shipping information via e-mail for any purchase.
    • The Full Gamut Workshop:  Under this heading you will find access to artist, supplier, and retailer biographies who currently are partnered with the Full Gamut Workshop.  All information contained in here is provided by the artist, group, or business.
      • If you wish to become a member of The Full Gamut Workshop, please contact us at:  fiberfusion42@hotmail.com

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