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Garden – January 2012

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am absolutely excited because spring is right around the corner!  I know you are thinking, “but– it’s only January.”  It’s exciting because January means that I get to start planning my garden for the summer.


Limited space, can’t plant more than I can take care of (including preservation), and no waste.


This year I started a list of vegetables to try out this year and hopefully I will have started early enough that I will actually get to harvest something.  Also, I am limiting the new additions to only 1 – 2 plants every year.

  • 3 tomato plants:  (A slicing tomato, a slicing/canning tomato, and a cherry tomato)
  • 2 pepper plants:  (jalapeno and bell pepper),
  • 2 potato plants: (sweet),
  • lettuce plants: (unsure),
  • squash: (summer and winter).
  • Onion:  (red, yellow, white)