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Dragon Incense Burner (c) The Full Gamut Workshop

! ! ! RAWRR ! ! !

If you checked out my series of posts about the dragon diorama, here is the final result.  I spent around a total of 20 – 30 hours of work trying to get this dragon to look just right.  I was really trying to get the castle and the dragon both to look realistic.  If you click on the small images they will open larger if you want to see better detail.

Materials Used

The dragon itself is a ceramic figure I acquired which I painted the whole project in a series of different acrylic paints using various techniques.  I also added some ground cover details which I bought at my local hobby store and scrounged in the yard for some neat rocks to add to the display and make it a little more realistic.

Once I had everything glued down where I wanted it, I went back over the ground cover and painted in a few high-lights with some light green paint.  Which I think lends to the realism and looks kind of like new growth.

My favorite part is the base.  I lucked out and found this neat piece of gray felt which was pre-stamped with a rock wall design (I would had added a picture, but my lighting made it turn out a sickly green color.)  I added the felt to cover up the ceramic bottom and to keep it from scratching my furniture.

I did seal it lightly with a few coats of a spray matte clear coat as well.


All in all, I really liked this project even though I always dream too big.  While my dragon didn’t wind up “harvest colors” like originally intended, and there is no moving flames, or even a giant cavern with ambient lighting — I still consider this a success.

My dragon turned out super realistic, the castle looks amazing, and my tufts of green sponges look like real little bushes.

Personally, I think my other half is just glad I got it finished.  I’m pretty sure he was tired of me moaning about trying to get it perfect.

As always: I’m ready for the feed-back.  If you have any comments or wish to share please give proper credit (where its due), or just leave a post.  I’m always looking for new ideas and challenges.

Don’t forget I also paint miniatures for gaming  too (make a request under the custom order link at the top of the page).  Hopefully I will be able to get some decent pictures posted soon for you all to see.  I have a “Skeleton Horse” and a “Red Draconian” miniature I just got finished this week!

Check below for some more images of the dragon.  Thanks for Stopping by!


(c) 2013 The Full Gamut Workshop Click for a larger view.


(c) 2013 The Full Gamut Workshop Click for a larger view.

(c) 2013 The Full Gamut Workshop Click for a Larger View


Site Updates for August

Posted: August 23, 2013 in Site Updates
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Here at the shop we’ve decided to start including some fun and practical information for you to enjoy.  We have added three new pages to the blog which you can find at the top of the page.  Please enjoy and let us know how you like them!

Additions we’ve Included are:

Modern Birthstone Reference Page

Which one is your birthstone?  Birthstones were worn to augment and enhance the wearer in different ways.

Gemstone Lore Page

All stones have particular properties to enhance the energy in and around you.  Check out this list and give yourself a boost today.

Measurement Page

Having trouble deciding if the jewelry you are looking at is going to look right?  Or have a handcrafted piece idea and need to make sure it is going to fit properly?  Check out our FAQ on how to get accurate measurements of all the jewelry made here at the shop.


We plan on including more pages in the future, so make sure you check back with us!  Have an idea for a page?  Make sure you leave a comment.  Thanks again!

So, as an update to my last post on my diorama project New Project – Diorama – Conception.


I had the entire diorama fleshed out and ready to coat in layers of sticky gooey paste and was proceeding to do so, but then changed my mind.   The volcano didn’t look quite right, and my rolling hills just didn’t roll.  I also thought how much cooler would this look with some fake stage fire and some lighting effects.  Deciding that I would now have to figure out the electrical problems involved, knowing that I would need minimum a focal light or three, at least two computer fans, and maybe some LED Christmas lights it was going to create a challenge.  Currently I am still puzzling over exactly what I will need to do.

I tried some battery operated Christmas lights I found in the attic, but they are actually too tall for where I want to put them.

[picture of lights]

In the meantime i figured well, I have a couple of working computer fans.  I’ll get the big dragon assembled with the fan.

[picture of dragon]

Unfortunately, once the dragon was all assembled and the fan in place, there wasn’t enough air flow that I needed to produce the stage fire effect I was looking for.   I also discovered after about 4 hours of research on YouTube that I constructed this dragon a little backwards.

So now, I’m back to the drawing board, and I’ll have to redesign the big fire-breathing dragon to better accommodate air flow, and a slightly modified skeletal structure so I can do some better sculpting with the paper mache.