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So.  It has been a long time since I have given an update on the dragon Diorama.  I am really sorry about the delayed update.  During the winter my brain seems to slow down and even if I want to be creative unfortunately, I get writer’s block, writer’s cramp, and want to stab myself in the eye with a pencil when i look at the things I create.
As a solution,  I try not to be creative.  I spend a lot of time trying new techniques, reading, and playing Rock Band.  (currently I can play most songs on hard.)
I also spend a ton of time brainstorming new work for the season.  The dragon will one day be finished.  I’m hoping to learn a few new techniques to get it completed.  I do, however, plan on getting my airbrush skills crazy awesome over the next year.
I’ll keep you posted, whether its a success or an utter failure.
Cheers all.

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It’s been a while since I have posted and I have now managed to find time to get one out.  Currently I have been extremely busy working on a new project:  My dragon diorama.   To sum up in a nutshell, eventually the diorama will be complete and will include a handmade mommy dragon and nest, and for effect an erupting volcano.  As far as scale is concerned, I’m building the entire diorama to be able to sit on a bookshelf easily.

Check back later for more insight to the building process on the mommy dragon and the landscape.  I will make a future post about it.

Dragon/Castle (c) D. Hellm 2012

It all started with a ceramic incense holder which was given to me by my other half.   He had it given to him as a gift and had been carrying it around for about 15 years.  The person who painted it meant well, but I wouldn’t put it out because honestly I thought it was very ugly (up there with purple dragons.  Dragons ARE NOT a metallic purple.  I’m sorry.  It just looks fake no matter what you do to it).  Imagine a ceramic figure painted by a kindergartener — that’s what it looked like.  Basic gray castle and bright green three-headed dragon.  No detail work and colors that didn’t seem to mesh well.


Detail Dragon Head (c) D. Hellm 2012

Finally, I decided to pull this poor unloved sculpture out of storage and paint it so I could enjoy it.  I started with a flat black base (normally it lends more of a realism to the finished result), although on hindsight, I should have made it a nice primer gray, my lighter colors wouldn’t have needed so many layers.

The dragon’s coloring was inspired by autumn/fall colors (most particularly pumpkins and Chinese ornamental carp.)  After working the dragon almost finished, I decided why not make a diorama out of it.  So I stepped back and started looking at the dragon closer.

Personally, all artwork must tell a story down to the smallest detail.  I’m sure the original artist of the mold for this piece had a story in mind for it, but I’m at a loss for what it is. The dragon looks like it is bursting out of the castle, but why?  Proportionally, the dragon is almost the same size as the castle, but if you look at the tiny doorways in the castle the scale is set at 6mm = 6ft.  That’s a HUGE dragon.  So then, I got to thinking, what could place a dragon inside the castle AND be frightening enough to the dragon to force it to try to escape?

A bigger, angry dragon.

So, to tell the story of this dragon, I decided he was a thief who stole and broke eggs from another much larger mother dragon’s nest.

I painted the castle first, after looking at tons of real castle images so I could capture a sense of realism.  Then I started on the dragon after I was done.

All Images are (c) D. Hellm 2012






(c) 2012 – D. Hellm

I finally found time to get this painting framed.  Interested in acquiring this original?

I am selling it framed for $20 and free shipping in the US.

Other countries I will quote a shipping price in the contact email.

Thanks a bunch for your interest!


Please contact me at:


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(c) 1999 – Full Gamut Workshop – D.Hellm

Angelic Demon –

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Full Gamut Workshop (c) 2002

Another old sketch I found.  I was working on shading technique in pen and ink.


(c) 2002 Full Gamut Workshop



(c) D. Hellm 2012

I’m finally back in my studio after a wonderful vacation in the state of Washington.  I thought I’d share with you the first painting I have done since I got back.


Techniques used:

  • Color mixing – to orange and purple tones
  • Wet-on-wet graded washes
  • Dry-on-wet graded washes

Thoughts, notes, and critiques:

The whole point of this project was to work on my color mixing skills and work on my washes while working within the watercolor media.  When working with water colors, you are using pigment suspended in water and allowing the pigment to settle as the water evaporates from the mixture.  Because of the way watercolors behave you get the added benefit of rich vibrant coloring if you do careful layering within your painting.

I was trying to stay within a harmonious color scheme of all cool color-values with a little bit of brightness to add life to the painting.  Think a color palette of sunset.  So keeping that in mind, I mixed my colors first.  The three primary colors of red, yellow, blue and the secondary colors orange and purple.  I kept mixing them until I found the values I liked for my color scheme.

This entire painting was done in watercolor layers from back to front.  First I painted the entire paper with bands of red, orange, yellow, and purple  and allowed this to mostly dry.  So my trees which were much further into the foreground would appear with sharper lines than the mountains miles away.

Then I made and layered different tones of purple to create the trees. To create the illusion of depth I painted the trees in layers adding pigment or water accordingly to lighten or darken areas of the trees.  You can see that the illusion of depth was also achieved by the degree of detail depending on where the trees are in the composition.  The tree closest to the viewer is sharper with more detail apparent.  The mid-layer tree (the one in the middle) is a little softer and the last tree is still more out of focus compared to its two companions.

The grass I painted last using a dry brush technique with blue paint with a little bit of careful splattering.

How to Order Prints:


e-mail to for current pricing and availability.

(C) D. Hellm 2012


He was tenacious.

He was dedicated.

He was loved.





This is a portrait of my mother’s first Scottish Terrier.  We had to put him to sleep (a while back) because of cancer, but let me share with you a little bit about him.

This dog really had some tenacious tendencies.  For example, you could take a scrap of a tennis ball, about he size of a dime and throw it in the yard.  This dog would start in one corner of the yard and zig-zag back and forth with his nose to the ground until he found his “ball” for you to throw again (he also would hide a ball in each neighbor’s yard so he would always have a toy).

We had to start making him stop playing because we actually had him pass out on us while playing when it got too hot one summer.

Also, one night my mom let him out for his last potty break and he unfortunately got backed over by the neighbor.  This dog drug himself home, bleeding and with a broken back leg.  My mom found him by the back door broken and barely alive.


After emergency surgery, he lived another 10 years (he always walked with a limp after that) before we were forced to put him to sleep because of his cancer.


This dog would do anything I asked him and he was truly loved and will always be missed.


I also included a photograph of a Scottish Terrier for comparison.  Let me know what you think.English: Picture of a Scottish Terrier taken b...