DeltaHellmI am the enthusiastic, Do-it-Yourself, extreme-hobbyist, and mad-woman behind The Full Gamut Workshop.

My interests include a wide array of topics including crafts, do-it-yourself projects, organization, gardening, and technology solutions.  I have roughly over 10  years of retail management experience and I have decided that I wanted to write a blog purely for fun and to showcase my artwork and the artwork of local artists.  I live in St. Louis, MO (actually closer to Six Flaggs – St. Louis) who have partnered with the Full Gamut Workshop.

I intend to archive answers and solutions to questions, problems, and situations that I have run across over the years, as well as experiments to solve problems.  I hope to provide good usable information to the general public about various topics that is simple to understand, straight-forward, and helps generate ideas for solutions to a problem or situation.

Check back weekly for new content and as a reminder, this is something purely for fun for me and I offer only solutions or ideas which seem to work for me.  Perhaps this blog will help you at least get started on the road to finding a solution.  Please enjoy the research I have done and I hope what I write will help you with your endeavors.

  1. Linda L. Hellmann says:

    great page so far. lul.

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