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“Bear” with me as I rearrange the blog site.

So I have decided that my blog site is really too disorganized for my taste.  Just doesn’t seem cohesive.

Don’t get alarmed, I’m just planning some updates to better organize the site and spread things out a little better.  Particularly, I’ve decided that I have at least four themes going at the moment:  Techie Stuff, Gardening Blurbs, The Full Gamut Workshop, and my Random Tangents.

By the End of April I hope to have everything rearranged.  Check back, keep following, and keep posting your comments.

Thanks Everyone!

If you have any ideas or subjects which interest you please leave a comment.


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Deb's Answers is a site that researches urban legends, email hoaxes, rumors and misinformation. Use this form to submit new rumors: Submissions Form.
Use this form to submit photographs or video clips for evaluation: Photo Form.

The recent updates and additions are listed under What’s New.

They also have a weekly newsletter you can subscribe to. Read the FAQ and glossary for more detailed information.

Please check the site before forwarding any warnings by email, facebook or twitter.

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Snopes logo

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This site is completely awesome.

  • You can find out random information you didn’t know.
  • You can use it as a research tool to validate rumors, gossip, and old wives tales.
  • Use it for mild entertainment.
  • Check the story– before you get scammed.

They have also made the site intuitive and easy to use.  I have posted a permanent link on my blog to quickly travel to their site.

This is one of many sources that I use when doing my research.  Typically I will use around 5 or more different references and combine the information before I make a decision.

Ghost Dog

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Art / Hobby

Ghost Dog

Manny 2009

I was digging through the “To Organize” folder on my desktop and stumbled across this really cool photo of my dog.  I thought the setting of the picture was really cool.  Especially since I caught her eyes reflecting so they look like they are glowing.  Too bad she had her collar and leash on…